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“Let your path not be hidden from you, but seek it out with all diligence.”

~Catherine Fleming Bruce


TNOVSA LLC, Catherine Fleming Bruce, Principal.

Mission: In this season of political change, we partner with others on transformational politics, global norms,  the environment and preservation.

P.O. Box 50055

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Twittername: @tnovsa

MY NEW BOOK (click the link for more information or to order):

The Sustainers: Being, Building and Doing Good Through Activism in the Sacred Spaces of Civil Rights, Human Rights and Social Movements.

Visanska-Starks House and Marker


‘Good Governance in South Carolina: 2016

Blog: Tnovsa: #Politics#global ethics&norms#culture


‘A Perfect Equality: Conflicts and Achievements of Historic Black Columbia’: documentary on Columbia before and after the Civil Rights movement